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Fresco came to us looking for a new marketing website to show off their new brand. No problem. We knew we nail it, and do even more.

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The Brief

The initial brief was pretty straight forward, a core set of 6~ marketing pages, some flexibility to change up the content. However time was against us, and the timeline was concrete.

No problem. We knew we nail it, and do even more.

The Solution

Using our Content Engine the Fresco team has been able to build 20~ pages, with a toolbox of 20+ unique modules with a huge range of flexibility for in-CMS styling control.

The flexibility of content creation has outstripped what we thought we'd see here, and their team are ninjas already. Seeing pages come together in real-time is crazy.

We've a smashing workflow for jamstack websites. This site has 6 months worth of work in it but we managed to turn it around in a handful of weeks with our setup!

It was a pleasure to work with the team from Fresco (formerly Drop)



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