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The Brief

David Lavenda is the Chief Product Officer at, he initially reached out to us on Linkedin. Straight away the team was impressed with how clear he was with his communication, and his ask. He clearly identified what sort of support he needed and the businesses pain points.

The following solutions were decided upon:

  • Marketing automation through Hubspot, along with the ability to create bespoke no-code landing pages. Coupled with GTM funnels.
  • Branding, a fresh new brand that better represents as a modern software business and their updated product offerings.
  • Digital Transformation, a replatform onto the Mawla Engine running on NextJS + Sanity. This provides a lightning fast experience around the globe, a next generation content management experience, and cutting edge SEO. have a really strong engineering and marketing culture, a critical part of the sales and delivery process was getting buy in from both David, but also his engineering counter-part Itay.


Mawla delivered the site on time and within budget, and we’re extremely happy with what we got. We've seen a lot of positive feedback from our customers and partners, who commented that the site definitely shines a new light on our company. logo logo
David Lavenda Chief Product Officer,



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