October 7, 2022

7+ Amazing Websites Built with JAMstack

If you’re in the process of building your brand new JAMstack website, it’s time to look for inspiration. Sometimes you may resort to Pinterest, but in this case, we’ve got everything you need to succeed.

Let’s dive straight into 7+ remarkable examples of JAMstack websites!

1. JAMstack Website that Qualifies Your Leads for You: Glenveagh

As a property development company, Glenveagh wanted a website that performed lead qualification for them. Thanks to JAMstack, their website provides excellent desktop & mobile experiences. They can showcase their properties and information in full glory, so only the highly-qualified leads reach out.

Their website combines Sanity CMS and NextJS for the front end and CMS, so the look & feel are consistent and sleek while their website stays powerful.

Who Should Get a Similar JAMstack Website?

If you need to showcase multiple listings or adapt your content to different audience requirements, Glenveagh’s website is a great example to show to your development agency.

2. A Beautiful Content-First JAMstack Website: Re:Wild

Some know Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in Titanic. Here at Mawla, we remember him by his Re:Wild website. As a charity that promotes biodiversity, it’s crucial for Re:Wild to be able to keep its audience informed and inspired.

On a regular website, even the video slideshow in the hero section would’ve been a problem that caused lags.

But since Re:Wild’s website was built on top of TakeShape, the website loads fast, moves sleek, and offers plenty of options for content presentation.

Who Should Get a Similar JAMstack Website?

If your business or project relies heavily on the ability to inspire people to take action, JAMstack can help. You don’t have to pull any punches when showcasing the impact their contributions could have on the world.

3. Can You Believe Amazon Uses JAMstack?

(Of course they do!)

Amazon’s Audible website actually runs on Next.js, and this is a big one!

Since they have to support a vast amount of files and offer a world-class experience to their potential customers, Audible needs power under the hood.

And no matter what you may think of Amazon, they always knew what technology makes it easier to scale millions of content pages.

In this case, the JAMstack architecture helped them deliver great experiences despite the traffic volume, content load, and other factors that would slow down any monolithic website.

Who Should Get a Similar JAMstack Website?

You don’t have to offer audiobooks to get inspired. In fact, Audible’s JAMstack website is the perfect example if your website is going to have millions of pages (think: eCommerce).

Even if you only look at the layout of their Leadership page, you’ll see how JAMstack allows them to be visually different without affecting website speed.

4. Need a Powerful Marketing Website? JAMstack Helps!

Harmon.ie’s website is one of the projects we feel proud of. Their challenge wasn’t just creating a robust website that doesn’t slow down as they scale. No, they needed a website that could power their marketing automation.

JAMstack to the rescue!

Today, Harmon.ie can use as many third-party tools as needed. Thanks to JAMstack’s API-first approach and decoupled nature, they have no problems integrating additional functionality while maintaining speed.

Who Should Get a Similar JAMstack Website?

If you need a marketing website, Harmon.ie’s a great primer on what you can expect with NextJS and Sanity CMS.

They can build robust marketing funnels with the simplicity of using a drag & drop tool and create tailored landing pages to fit different campaigns.

So if you’re looking for a website that empowers your marketing team without paying the steep cost of development, a JAMstack setup like Harmon.ie’s is an excellent choice!

5. InVision Uses JAMstack, Too!

InVision chose JAMstack to build their own and their interactive DesignBetter website. Today, it’s a resource hub for all creatives with a variety of topics, including:

  • Remote work
  • Business thinking
  • Design ops

And more!

This project would be much harder to launch without their NextJS setup. For starters, a monolithic CMS like WordPress would croak under the weight of content.

Who Should Get a Similar JAMstack Website?

If your marketing relies heavily on content and topic pillars, you could use a JAMstack website. Due to its simplicity, it’s not hard to maintain; your content team can upload content in a matter of minutes.

But, at the same time, you maintain power as you scale.

6. The Best eCommerce JAMstack Website Example: Bang & Olufsen

Traditionally, eCommerce websites haven’t been as prone to experimentation as others. There’s always been a misconception that the more pages and products you have, the harder it is to experiment with fresh visuals, interactivity, and marketing automation.

It was either Shopify or nothing.

Fortunately, Bang & Olufsen’s JAMstack website proves all the naysayers wrong. Built with NextJS, their website offers on-brand visuals while supporting eCommerce functionality.

Now, we also have to mention SEO. With JavaScript-heavy websites, SEO is usually a mess. Fortunately, the JAMstack architecture makes it easy to get beautiful visuals while maintaining lightning-fast page speed, loading times, and high-quality user experiences.

(Even their product pages make us want to upgrade our existing speaker systems.)

Who Should Get a Similar eCommerce JAMstack Website?

If you want to rebuild your eCommerce website, look to Bang & Olufsen for inspiration. They’re living proof that eCommerce websites don’t have to look dull.

Bring on the visuals, videos, explanations, and other aspects that add to the shopping experience.

All you need is JAMstack.

7. The Best Finance JAMstack Website Example: Bitcoin.com

One of the world's most influential crypto exchange websites, Bitcoin.com, runs on JAMstack.

The contemporary architecture allows them to offer plenty of interactivity and increase their conversion rate while providing the perfect framework for their expanding website.

As with most SaaS and internet-first businesses, Bitcoin.com’s website can’t just be a pretty face. It needs power, the power that JAMstack easily provides.

But don’t stop at their homepage - the rest of their website offers plenty of content across different categories.

And with Gatsby, they can provide a different experience for each. Blog readers will experience a smooth and actionable journey, while people who want to play with crypto get a dynamic set of pages.

Who Should Get a Finance JAMstack Website?

Bitcoin’s finance website example offers plenty of insights. Firstly, you don’t have to give up on a dynamic front-end just because you need more back-end power.

Even if you run a SaaS business, you can offer a fantastic visual experience.

Secondly, marketing side-projects can be highly profitable. Feel free to make them as unique as you want if you have a JAMstack website. The APIs will be perfectly integrated, so don’t worry about strains on your resources.

Ultimately, JAMstack’s main selling point is its versatility. No matter the specific tools your development agency chooses, you’ll be able to expand with new features, content, and experiences.

8. Fantastic Content Experiences with JAMstack Websites: The Fresco Example

When Fresco first approached our team at Mawla, their demands weren’t unreasonable. They simply needed core marketing pages but the ability to highly customise the content.

With a monolithic CMS, this would’ve been impossible. The customisation comes at a steep cost - if it’s even possible. Marketing teams can’t choose the exact visual presentation of their content, nor can they easily create tailored blocks.

But with JAMstack, this was a piece of cake!

We used Next.js and Sanity CMS to build their new website. Then, our experts created 20+ custom modules Fresco’s team could play with to ensure their content is presented in the best possible way to optimise their conversion rate.

Who Should Get a Similar Website?

If your marketing team wishes they could do something out of the ordinary and get a customised content creation process, get a JAMstack website and let Fresco’s serve as an inspiration.

Similarly, suppose your team needs to be able to work together in real-time (skipping the old Google Docs collaboration process). In that case, Fresco’s architecture is a fantastic example for your dev team!

9. The Best SaaS JAMstack Website Example: SendGrid

Everyone’s favourite email marketing tool, SendGrid, runs on top of Gatsby. You can imagine the amount of traffic they get daily, but their website is still highly-functional and provides an excellent user experience.

(Welcome to the magic of JAMstack!)

Another reason we love SendGrid’s JAMstack website example is the fact that they’re a SaaS company. Typically, that’s taken to mean “function over form.” But with JAMstack, you get the best of both worlds.

Who Should Get a Similar Website?

If you run a SaaS business, you need to innovate consistently. That doesn’t just go for your product; it also applies to your website.

To increase your conversion and retention rate, make your resources readily available to your leads and clients with a beautiful JAMstack website.

With JAMstack, not even the sky is the limit to what your website can do.


If you’re ready to build a website that lasts, explore our work and get in touch! With our SanityCMS and NextJS engine, we’ll build the experience you and your customers have always wanted.

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